Comment Adam Green from the Moldy Peaches: Nude and Hard -

They may not be my all-time favorite band, but the Moldy Peaches obviously have one big thing going for them, their singer Adam Green who, as these incredibly explicit and hot shots demonstrate, has something big of his own going for him. Beyond a distinct lack of fundamental modesty (and thank you thank you thank you for that), Adam’s got a whole lot of talent oozing out of each and every pore. He’s a filmmaker, a poet, a painter and, of course, one very rocking socking musician. Enjoy!

Nude Rockers

Comment David Bowie: Almost Nude -

Wow — this is one seriously hot pic of the legendary David Bowie from back in the day. It clearly doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination and, whether you’re a Bowie fan or not, he pretty much defines twink in this photo document. Enjoy!

David Bowie full-frontal nudes

Comment Patrick Wolf: Ass in Motion -

In a February 2007 interview with thelondonpaper, British singer/songwriter Patrick Wolf spoke about his sexuality: “In the same way I don’t know if my sixth album is going to be a death-metal record or children’s pop, I don’t know whether I’m destined to live my life with a horse, a woman or a man. It makes life easier.”

In a July 5, 2007 interview with the Sydney Star Observer, he confirmed his bisexuality: “My sexuality is kind of liberal. I fall in love with men and women. I guess you would call me bisexual. I like to have sex and fall in love—I don’t like giving terminology for my sexuality.”

Comment Sigur Ros -

Have I said how much I be lovin Sigur Ros? Any doubts end with this vid: