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Taylor Kitsch Naked At Last!

At long last, Taylor Kitsch shows us some serious skin, if only from the rear, but something is better than nothing, especially when it’s as nice as Taylor’s butt is. This is one of a series of new captures from the STARMALE.COM daily picture feed. There are more than 6,000 videos and 75,000 pictures on the STARMALE site so if you are looking for male celebrity nudes, you need to check it out NOW!

taylor kinney nude savages

Michael Fassbender: Full-Frontal Nudity in Extremis!

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Nicolas Cazale FRONTALS from STARMALE Blog

This incredibly hot French actor is featured on the Starmale blog in some new caps totally starring his fully exposed and ample genitalia. You’ll find the rest on the site so check it out!

Matt Battaglia in “Kiss of a Stranger”

The stunning MATT BATTAGLIA gives us some really nice rear action in these brand new captures from “Kiss of a Stranger” done by our friends at STARMALE. Check out the site for the whole set on their daily pic feed.

matt battaglia shirtless kiss of a stranger

matt battaglia shirtless kiss of a stranger

Rupert Friend in “Jolene”

The extremely fine looking RUPERT FRIEND in 2008’s “Jolene” based on the Doctorow novel.

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Full Frontal Nudes of Rupert Friend Here

Tom Cruise – new sexy shirtless pics from STARMALE!

Click here for Tom Cruise NUDE pics and vids

Zac Efron in tighty whities


Max Beasely: Frontal Nudes!



Chris Zylka: Naked and Nude from “Shark Night”

Chris drove us wild and crazy when he skinned in the excellent 2010 flick “Kaboom” and he doing it again as these sample caps from the Starmale Daily feed amply demonstrate.

More Chris Zylka nude pictures and videos

Stephen Lord: Naked from “Shameless”

Some new pictures from the Starmale Daily post of British hunk Stephen Lord appearing in the always reliably saucy “Shameless”.


More nude Stephen Lord pictures and videos

Christian Bale Nude Captures!

These newly minted captures of Christian Bale’s shapely behind are from the 2001 film”Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”:

C. Thomas Howell: Stunning Nudes!

Here’s a series of new captures of the stunning C. Thomas Howell from his heyday inĀ  1992’s “To Protect and Serve” with simply brilliant pictures of his almost perfect rear assets.


More C. Thomas Howell pictures and videos

Eric Balfour: Twitter Pic

Mega-hunk Eric Balfour recently delighted all and sundry by tweeting this smoking bit of hotness to his fans and followers.

More Eric Balfour nude pics and vids here

Ian Sera: Hot Twink from the Starmale Daily Feed!

According to the Starmale daily picture feed, these captures of hot little twink Ian Sera are from one of the worst movies ever made, something called “Pieces”, but he’s obviously the one good reason to watch the movie.

Antonio Banderas: Nude FRONTAL!


Adrian Grenier: Naked and Nude!

Here’s some really nice nude captures of hottie Adrian Grenier of “Entourage” fame compliments of the dudes at Starmale. Born in July 1976, Adrian’s fast approaching 40, but still looking seriously hot!

Nick Stahl: The Naked & The Nude

In a few simple words: I love him. I want him. Nick Stahl, yes, fine young actor and all that, but so inexpressibly sexy, the perfect little stud with just the right amount of ‘tude. Gimme more naked Nick!

Joseph Sayers: Ultimate Full-Frontal Nude

Okay, boyz and girlz, not a whole lot to say about this pic that it doesn’t say for itself, except of course that actor/model Joe Sayers is obviously getting better and better with age. IMHO, this is the ultimate nude full-frontal, an answer to a lot of dreams, all of them wet. Enjoy!

Lots more Joseph Sayers naked pics

Sam Trammel: Nude Frontal/Rear

Actor Sam Trammel has just risen to fame on the wonderful ironic writing and direction of HBO’s hit series True Blood, but it hasn’t exactly hurt that he’s also one serious hunk-a-man and not the slightest bit shy about showing off his fine bod. Trammel is one of those rare sex symbols whose acting chops are just as impressive as his physical assets. And speaking of those, here’s two great shots of Mr. Trammel from the huge STARMALE nude male celebrity archive:

Nick Thurston: Nude (and new from

Our friends at Starmale have just posted a new set of high-rez captures of ultra cutie
Nick Thurston
from the movie White Irish Drinkers, including some (somewhat distant) frontals and a bunch of up-close rears. Check these out:

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