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Stephen Dorff: Hot and Hotter

Ben at Starmale just sent me these new modeling shots of mega-hunk super-star actor Stephen Dorff and they’re just about proof positive that he’s found the fabled fountain of youth. The dude is nearly 40 and he keeps looking better and buffer with each passing year (and photo shoot). I only hope when I’m his age, I look half as good!

Stephen Dorff nudes (including erect full-frontal) are here

Michael Pitt

As if Brad Pitt weren’t hot enough, comes now the beautiful and sexy Michael Pitt to make us all wild with desire:

Here’s where you’ll find over 150 skin pics and hot videos of Michael Pitt

Eric Christian Olsen: Nude and Nuder

This dude is so fricken smokin that words literally fail me…and that’s no lie. Check out these new captures from The Last Kiss (2006) compliments of our buddies at

Peter Sarsgaard: Full Frontal from

Thanks as always to our friends at for this shot of actor Peter Sarsgaard that leaves absolutely NOTHING to the imagination:

This shot is from the recent bio-pic Kinsey. You can see lots more of Peter here.

Towel Boy: Eric Dane

Wish Dr. McSteamy would drop his McTowel.

Colin Farrell: Fully Nude and Fully Frontal!

Once again, Starmale has come to our rescue, this time with yet another no-holds-barred picture of Irish ultra-hottie Colin Farrell. I don’t know about you, but I think he’s currently got to be the sexiest man on earth: that face, that body, oh that big old piece of equipment between his legs!

Check out the video here!

Gael Garcia Bernal – Newest Nudes

These shots of Mexican hottie Gael Garcia Bernal are a little dark, but not so much as to dim the sheer beauty of his backside. He consistently remains one of the most smokin dudes on the screen and any opportunity to see some Bernal skin is an opportunity well taken:

Gael Garcia Bernal nude

Gael Garcia Bernal naked

Find more pictures and videos of Gael Garcia Bernal by clicking here!

Ian Sommerhalder: Nude, Naked, HARD!!!

Like a dream come true, that’s what I think of these pictures of the exquisite Ian Sommerhalder. I’ve been following his career with ever-increasing interest, that is, interest bordering on obsession since I first saw him in The Rules of Attraction (when I myself was a student in a college not that much different than the one in the movie). While he’s never been especially shy about showing some skin, it’s only with his continuing role as “Nick” in the TV series Tell Me that You Love Me that we really got to see and appreciate the full monty. And what a lovely monty it is (especially when hard as a rock). Check it out:

Lots more Ian Sommerhalder here

Eminem: Slim Shady Butt Naked

I have to admit I don’t especially care for bad-boy rapper Eminem, neither his music nor his politics, but that’s not to say I don’t think he’s damn hot, especially when he graces us with a bit of full fledged nudity. This boy has one nice ass and there’s no denying it. Here’s a particularly smokin shot from the Starmale all-male celebrity nudity archive. Enjoy!

For more, you can click here.

Dancer Joe Simeone: Striptease Video

Timothy Olyphant: Naked and Smokin Hot

No point in pretending that actor Timothy Olyphant doesn’t get me seriously hot and bothered. His lean hard bod and bad-boy looks are indescribably sexy and he’s got that specific kind of attitude that makes me feel like melting butter. I recently saw him again in the 1999 sleeper hit Go and thought this is someone whose unclothed naked and nude body I need to see. Thanks to our gentle sponsor STARMALE my wish was granted. Check it out:

More Timothy Olyphant pics and vids here.

Pascal Gregory: Fave New French Daddy

French actor Pascal Gregory pretty much encompasses the whole notion of a hot and hunky French daddy. Pascal is one of France’s leading actors and two of his best roles are in Zonzon and in Confusion of Genders. Both flicks feature lots of skin and you won’t be sorry if you rent them. This is truly a case where six million Frenchman can’t be wrong as these new pics from our pals at the Starmale archive clearly demonstrate.

You can find a whole lot more pictures and video clips at STARMALE.

Gilles Marini: Sex & the City Nudes

While I much preferred Sex and the City as a TV series, both for the men and the stories, the recent flick did have ONE big advantage and that was the presence of Gilles Marini, one of the hottest dudes to appear naked on the screen in one long time. Once again, Starmale has come to the rescue with some smokin shots of Mr. Marini.

Check out the video here.

Hot and sweaty: Matthew McConaughey

I wish he’d do something about the “Grizzly Adams” hair and beard, but Matthew has a great body that he sure seems to love showing off.

Eric Savin: Nude and Naked (full-frontal)

I have to admit that Eric Savin is a bit long in the tooth for my tastes, but I know there are plenty of you out there who dig older harrier guys and, as always, I’m at your disposal. As usual, I found these pics via Starmale, the world’s biggest and best male celebrity archive.

Lots more nude Eric Savin here!

Gabriele Rossi – Italian Dreamboat Nude (video)

Clive Owen: Open my Eyes!

Many people know British actor Clive Owen from his Oscar-nominated role in 2004’s Closer, but he’s been on our radar since we first saw him skin in the excellent Close My Eyes (1991). He’s another of those actors who combines talent and good looks in almost equal measure. His long lean body, as these pics demonstrate, is a definite crowd-pleaser!

For more Clive Owen pictures and videos, click here

Taylor Lautner: Shirtless from

He’s not everybody’s cuppa tea, but he’s keeping the hearts of teenbop’s everywhere beating hot and heavy. He hasn’t really shown a whole lot, but we keep on hoping they’ll be more to see in the upcoming year(s). Here’s some recently-added shirtless skin from the Starmale nude celebrity archive:

More here

Manu Bennett – Big…Naked…and full frontal!

Everybody knows we’re huge fans of Starmale, the all-male nude celebrity website. I mean, what’s not to like when they have nearly 80,000 pictures and videos? But we downright love them when they post something as ultra-hot as these high-resolution captures of ultra-hunk MANU BENNETT from TV’s Spartacus: Blood and Sand.  I mean, this one dude who needs to be naked and full-frontal! Here’s a few samples from the 60 shots they just posted:


To see the whole series, check out Starmale for yourself!

More Robert Pattinson – Naked in Bath!

pattinson-robert07.jpgOur pals at Starmale just sent us some new captures of Twilight cute boy ROBERT PATTINSON luxuriating naked and nude in the bath. There’s lots more of Robert on their site, including video clips and lots of pictures so check it out!


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