1 Comment Christopher Atkins: The Naked and the Nude -

Christopher Atkins— The ultimate twink and somehow, miraculously, still going strong thirty years after his debut in The Blue Lagoon. He is the stuff of dreams, wet dreams that is.

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Comment Bobby Sands: Nude Blast from the Past -

After you check out these pics from days gone by, I’m betting you’ll agree with me that there’s no time like the past when it comes to hot shots of even hotter men. These pics of 80’s hunk Bobby Sands are classics:

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Comment Jonathan Cake: Full-Frontal Nudes -

Compliments of our friends at Starmale, here’s superb British character actor Jonathan Cake going fully-frontal in the BBC’s 1998 mini-series Mosley.

Comment Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Mysterious (Nude) Skin -

There’s nothing particularly mysterious about the skin that the gorgeous Joseph Gordon-Levitt flashes in Mysterious Skin, Gregg Araki’s brilliant, if disturbing, 2004 film. If anything, it’s as basic and bare-assed as you could ask for. Check out these pics:

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Comment Jake Gyllenhaal – Nude & Naked from new flick! -

Our buds at Starmale have done it once again. First off the mark with caps of mega-hunk super-star Jake Gyllenhaal from his new movie Love and Other Drugs. And man, they are seriously hot! Check em out:


Comment Sam Lawson: Underwear Model -

This fine little bit of chav in motion makes my day:

EY!NSPIRATION. The day after Sam’s 19th birthday. TAKE 2 from Luis Venegas on Vimeo.

Comment Paul Nicholls: Full Frontal Extravanza! -

My pal Ben at Starmale.com started off the year with a bang by publishing a whole series of incredible captures of British actor Paul Nicholls from the film Clapham Junction. These leave NOTHING to the imagination and, believe me, that’s a very good thing too! If you are into celebrity nudity that’s totally NSFW, check these out:

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Comment Brett Kallio: The Boy Beautiful -

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of Der Daily Prong’s readers. It seems to us that just about the most appropriate way to end the old year and welcome in the new is with something TOTALLY BREATHTAKING. So how about Canadian model and boy beautiful Brett Kallio?

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Comment Robbie Williams: Beautiful British Buttocks! -

Popstar Robbie Williams has many things to recommend him, not the least of which is his rollicking sense of humor, but above all, he’s got one of the finest pieces of ass on any stage anywhere. Check out this choice little collection of pics that prove the point:

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Comment Edouard Collin: French Booty for Christmas! -

Happy Christmas to all or should I say Joyeux Noel? since this year’s little giftee under the Prong tree is French beauty boy Edouard Collin in four stunning pics compliments of STARMALE. Edouard, born in 1987, made his feature (and nude) debut in CrustacĂ©s et coquillages in 2005 and has continued to wow audiences on both sides of the Atlanta ever since, including in last year’s sleeper hit Born in 68.

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Comment Thierry Pepin: Next to Nude -

Model, actor and former gay porn performer Thierry Pepin is anything but shy (and with a bod like this, why should he be?). These hot new underwear pics are the first thing we’ve seen of the incredibly cute Canadian in some time, but we hope they’re a harbinger of more to come.

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Comment Stephen Dorff: Hot and Hotter -

Ben at Starmale just sent me these new modeling shots of mega-hunk super-star actor Stephen Dorff and they’re just about proof positive that he’s found the fabled fountain of youth. The dude is nearly 40 and he keeps looking better and buffer with each passing year (and photo shoot). I only hope when I’m his age, I look half as good!

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Comment Brian: The Tennis Player -

Nuff said:

Comment Michael Pitt -

As if Brad Pitt weren’t hot enough, comes now the beautiful and sexy Michael Pitt to make us all wild with desire:

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Comment Eric Christian Olsen: Nude and Nuder -

This dude is so fricken smokin that words literally fail me…and that’s no lie. Check out these new captures from The Last Kiss (2006) compliments of our buddies at Starmale.com:

Comment Peter Sarsgaard: Full Frontal from Starmale.com -

Thanks as always to our friends at Starmale.com for this shot of actor Peter Sarsgaard that leaves absolutely NOTHING to the imagination:

This shot is from the recent bio-pic Kinsey. You can see lots more of Peter here.

Comment Towel Boy: Eric Dane -

Wish Dr. McSteamy would drop his McTowel.

Comment Model Sean O’Pry: Smokin Hot Video -

This video says everything and anything that needs be said about why we love male models and especially why we love Sean O’Pry:

Comment Colin Farrell: Fully Nude and Fully Frontal! -

Once again, Starmale has come to our rescue, this time with yet another no-holds-barred picture of Irish ultra-hottie Colin Farrell. I don’t know about you, but I think he’s currently got to be the sexiest man on earth: that face, that body, oh that big old piece of equipment between his legs!

Check out the video here!

Comment Gael Garcia Bernal – Newest Nudes -

These shots of Mexican hottie Gael Garcia Bernal are a little dark, but not so much as to dim the sheer beauty of his backside. He consistently remains one of the most smokin dudes on the screen and any opportunity to see some Bernal skin is an opportunity well taken:

Gael Garcia Bernal nude

Gael Garcia Bernal naked

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