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Comment Robert Pattinson: Closer to Nude -

OK, we know, it’s not nude, but it’s getting closer. It’s not our fault that Twilight super-hottie Robert Pattinson won’t cooperate. Along with you and about one hundred million other people, we’re waiting for Mr. P. to take the plunge and show us what he’s got. For the nonce, here’s a nice speedo shot:

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Comment Stephen Dorff: Full-frontal in Shadowboxer -

I can’t deny it, but I’ve always thought Stephen Dorff was one of the hottest men in Hollywood — that hairy chest of his has always left me more than a little damp. But whoever knew he was hung like a horse? Check out this high-definition full-frontal nude from the Starmale archive:


Comment Daniel Craig (frontal) -


It’s been exactly two years since we last featured Daniel Craig here in the Starmale Blog and the fact is he’s gotten only sexier with the passage of time. We’re happy to report he’s also gotten a whole lot more naked. So here’s an updated version:

With the release of Quantum of Solace, the latest entry in the 007 franchise, there’s ever more buzz about the newest James Bond. Though Mr. Craig has been around for some long time and made some really excellent films, it was not until his first outing as Bond in 2006’s Casino Royale that he really hit the U.S. and international mainstream.

Beyond his undisputed acting talent, Daniel also possesses major physical charms as evidenced above in a capture from 1998’s Love is the Devil. Daniel is by no means shy when it comes to showing off his body and that’s made him a longtime favorite among skin fanatics. Other films with plenty of D.C. skin include Sylvia, The Mother and this year’s sleeper Flashbacks of a Fool. His full frontal scene in Simon Cellan-Jones’ wonderful Some Voices (2000) is especially memorable.

He’s the first blonde Bond, will he follow that by becoming the first 007 to go FULL-FRONTAL? Time will tell, but for the meanwhile you can enjoy 60 revealing pics of Daniel Craig as well as two full-frontal video clips in the Starmale archives.

Comment Starmale: Casper Van Dien -

casper_van_dien.jpgMy birthday may have been last month, but I just received one of my best gifts a few days ago, namely a new super high-resolution clip of longtime fave Casper Van Dien from 1997’s Starship Troopers!

Sure, we’ve had clips and caps from the shower scene forever, but what makes this clip so special is that it’s the first to give skinfans a serious shot of what Casper’s got hanging between his legs.

It’s from the side and obscured by a bit of scenery, but it’s there all the same and it’s flopping for all the world to see and admire. Frankly, this is another one of those cases where the caps just don’t do the scene justice, but let’s just say that Mr. Van Dien has nothing to be ashamed of.

Beyond the formerly unknown frontal (lateral?), the new clip also features the famous long’n’lingering view of Casper’s sinewy butt that most of us have seen and slobbered over for years. There’s also a whole lot of other hot naked eye-candy(boys and girls) in the scene, making this video even more of a collector’s must-have.